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This page answers many frequently asked questions about the Print Fair service. If you have an un-answered question - please feel free to email us at

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Sign-up and Set-up

Q.Can anyone become a Print Fair Partner? [top]
We welcome anyone who meets our criteria for quality, content and reproduction.

Q.How difficult is it to join? [top]
It's easy. Just complete the form on the Print Fair site and tell us about yourself. Then send us a minimum of 12 images that meet our quality criteria and you could have your own Web Shop within a week.

Q.What do I have to do to set up a Web Shop? [top]
Supply us with your images and text, let us know how you would like to personalise your Shop and leave the rest to us.

Q.How many images can I have? [top]
We'll need a minimum of 12 hi res images that meet our quality criteria. There's no maximum number although we would advise our Partners not to overload their sites.

Q.How much does it cost to build a Web Shop? [top]
We'll build a site with 20 images for free. After the first 20 images there is a negotiable charge for each additional image (this covers production and storage costs).

Q.How do I track my sales? [top]
When you become a Partner, we give you access to your own management site. Through this management site you will be able to see in real time what sales you are achieving and how much money you are making.

Q.How long does it take to set up a site and go live? [top]
From receipt of images allow one week for us to build a Web Shop for you. We will then wait for you to sign off your Web Shop before going live.

Q.Who designs the sites? Can different layouts be used? [top]
The layout of all Partners' Web Shops are standard. There is however plenty of flexibility within the set-up that allows each Partner to impose their own personality on the Web Shop. This includes changing colours, banners and borders. We would be happy to help with the design of your Web Shop. We can supply generic banners if a Partner cannot produce their own.

Q.Do Partners have to sell both cards and posters? Can I have any other products? [top]
We prefer our Partners to offer both cards and posters on their Web Shops, although just one product can be sold if you wish. More products will become available soon - we are happy to hear from you with suggestions!

Q.Can Partners build their own site, not using the Print Fair template? [top]
We are happy to build stand-alone Web Shops, although this will be treated as a separate exercise and priced accordingly. Contact us through our 'Other Services' section on the homepage for more info.

Q.Do you have an artwork and design service? Can you print more than cards and posters? [top]
As part of the back-up marketing services for Partners, we are pleased to help by offering a cost effective design, artwork and print service. Contact us through our 'Other Services' section on the homepage for more info.

Q.How can Partners ensure the print is of a good enough quality? [top]
We use the best digital print technology to produce our products. If the images are good quality they will print very well. We will advise Partners if we feel their images are not of a high enough standard.

Q.Will Partners see their site before it goes live? Will samples be produced? [top]
Before a new site goes live, we will ask you to sign it off. New Partners will receive two free cards so quality can be sampled.

Q.Can you scan images for Partners? [top]
Scanning is no problem, prices on application. Please contact Customer Services for more details

Q.Can you stop people sending rude cards? [top]
There is a rude word filter on all text put into the cards. The word 'censored' will automatically replace any words we feel are not suitable.

Q.Will Partners get a credit on their cards? Can Partners brand their cards? [top]
As part of the sign-up to become a Partner we ask for a credit and a logo to be supplied. This information will be printed on the reverse of the product.

Q.Once the Web Shop is built can the link be put on someone else's site? [top]
We strongly believe that cross marketing is the key to success for all Partners. The more places a link to a Web Shop are placed, the more sales it is likely to achieve.

Q.Will the sites be running 24/7? [top]
We guarantee to have an uptime of 97% on all Web Shops.

Q.Do Partners have to sign up for a minimum term? Can sites be cancelled once live? [top]
There is no minimum term for the Web Shops. If Partners would like to cancel their membership it should be done in writing and given at least 30 days to be taken down

Q.Will a Web Shop be taken down if their products aren't selling? [top]
We will not take down any Web Shops that aren't selling; we will however probably make recommendations on how you can improve sales.

Q.How frequently can Partners update their Web Shop/images? [top]
Partners can update their Web Shops whenever they like. For administrative reasons, though, we would recommend changes be made in batches. Customer Services will be pleased to advise you on the procedures for this.

Q.Will you be doing special cards for holidays such as Christmas and Valentines Day? [top]
Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter etc are excellent opportunities to market the Web Shops and increase revenues. When Partners sign up we will ask you if they automatically want to be included in our celebration promotions.

Q.Will the images have a border around them? [top]
The customer when he/she builds a card will have a choice of no border, full image or a selection of coloured and patterned borders. The Partner when he/she sets up their Web Shop can choose which borders are shown.

Q.If an image is added to a Web Shop can a Partner then sell it to another client, say a greetings card company? [top]
We will only be using the images for our own products. The Partner is more than welcome to use their images and purchased cards for whatever else they wish.

Q.Can Partners specify what an image is used for (eg birthday card)? [top]
Images can be split in to galleries (which can be specified on set-up). We would recommend that Partners do not restrict how their images are used as this may hinder sales.

Q.Can a discount be set up for a regular customer after so many cards have been purchased? [top]
We will happily discuss a more favourable commission structure for substantial sales.

Customer Ordering

Q.Can customers send orders to all parts of the world? [top]
Orders can be sent anywhere in the world. At present print and dispatch is from the United Kingdom and charged accordingly.

Q.Can customer orders be made from any part of the world? [top]
Through the wonders of the Internet, we'll accept orders from anywhere in the world (provided funds are cleared).

Q.Is there a maximum order? [top]
We have a fixed price list for orders up to 100 copies. If you'd like longer runs we'd be pleased to offer a price on application. Contact us through our 'Other Services' section on the homepage for more info.

Q.Does the sale price include VAT?[top]
Yes at a standard rate of 17.5%

Q.Does the sale price include postage? [top]
Postage is added to the sale price shown on the front page of the Partner's Web Shop. Because we send products throughout the world, we have to price dispatch individually.

Q.Is there a discount for bulk orders? [top]
We offer very favourable rates for bulk orders. Please contact Customer Services for more information.

Q.How do I know if my card has been posted? [top]
Each card is bar-coded. Before we put the card in the post the barcode is read and the customer informed by email his card has been dispatched.

Q.Do you have a safe payment scheme for your customers? [top]
Payment for customers is 100% safe. We use Barclays Epdq as our merchant account.

Q.Will I have to pay for cards that have been paid for using a fraudulent card? [top]
If there is a fraudulent transaction, Print Fair will cover any costs incurred.

Q.Will I have to pay if cards aren't delivered? [top]
Print Fair will cover any refunds or reprints given for non-delivery.

Q.How long does it take for the cards to be printed? Do you close for holidays? [top]
We will endeavour to have cards dispatched 24 hours after receipt of order. Cards will not be printed over weekends and holidays, so cards will go into the post at the nearest date after breaks.

Q.Can customers specify delivery dates? [top]

Q.Will Partners get a discount if they buy cards from any other Print Fair Web Shops? [top]
For bulk purchases we will be offering discounts to Printfair Partners (not unfortunately on individual cards).

Partner Commmission and Tracking

Q.How and when do Partners get commission? [top]
Once you've reached 50 worth of sales, we'll pay your commission monthly. Cheques are sent out at the end of each month, unless you state otherwise. Payments are controlled through the Partner Management System.

Q.Can Partners choose how much their products cost? [top]
The sale price can be varied, and Partners are free to choose what they are going to charge. When a Partner signs up we'll ask them to choose their price. This cost will then be published on your Web Shop.

Q.What commission do I get? [top]
We give our Partners 20% commission on all the cards/posters we sell after VAT and delivery are deducted.

Q.Is there an amount I have to sell before I receive commission? [top]
A Partner has to sell a 50 worth of products (sale price) before commission is given. There is no time restriction on this.

Q.Do you use Paypal for commission payments? [top]
Not at present, but we are currently investigating the possibility.

Q.How do Partners track sales? [top]
Once you become a Partner and go live, you'll be able to track sales through your Partner Management System

Q.Will you produce a report on which cards are selling and which are not? [top]
When you become a Print Fair Partner you will be given access to the Print Fair Management System. Among the many features is a tracking system, which will show which of your products are selling (and those that are not).


Q.Do Partners have to supply their own images? [top]
Not necessarily, we can build a Web Shop for you using images from other Print Fair Partners. On application we'll be happy to discuss this with you.

Q.Do the images used have to be the Partners copyright? [top]
All Partners must use copyright-cleared images.

Q.How many images can a Partner have on their site? [top]
A minimum of 12 but there is no maximum number.

Q.Will Partners images have captions and keywords? [top]
We ask Partners to supply captions and keywords for each image. These will be used on the Web Shops and used for searching on the main Print Fair directory.

Q.Will Partners images be protected? [top]
The copyright to the images belongs to the holder. We will only use your image on a Print Fair Web Shop.

Q.What resolution and format will the images need to be? [top]
All images have to be shot or scanned RGB or CMYK at a minimum of 300dpi, with a minimum file size of 21cm x 14cm (2480 x 1650 pixels). There will be a detailed checklist on sign up. We accept eps, jpg and tiff formats

Q.How do the images get sent to Print Fair? [top]
On sign up to become a Partner we'll explain the process of getting the images to us. Depending on how many images are being sent, we recommend different methods of transit. Ideally images should be burnt to CD and sent in the post. As backup we also have an ftp site to which we will give you access.

Q.Will the images need to be corrected for print? [top]
We would prefer not to correct the colour of your images. However if we feel the images need adjusting to work better when printed, we will adjust.

Q.Do you accept square format images? [top]
Due to our cards being landscape or portrait, we regret we do not accept square images

Q.Will you be able to use images without the Partners permission? [top]
We will only be using your images on Print Fair sites.

Q.Can images be used if they have a watermark? [top]
The watermark will show on the printed product and therefore will not look very good. In such cases we would recommend that the image be not put on your Web Shop.

Q.Can the images be categorised eg: cute, male, female, humour? [top]
Yes, you will be able to categorise your images

Q.Are there restrictions on the type of images Partners can display on their site? [top]
We vet all images to make sure they abide by our standards of quality both in terms of content and reproduction.

Q.What technology do you use to print the cards? [top]
Our cards are printed using HP Indigo technology. In our opinion this is the best digital print technology available.

Q.Can Partners/customers choose whether a card is printed matt or gloss? [top]
All cards will be printed on a matt stock so they can be easily written on. All cards/posters will be given a gloss lamination on the front to give the product a very high quality feel.

Q.Can customers add a verse to the card either inside or out? [top]
Customers will be able to write a line on the front of their card/poster. On the inside of the cards customers can write their own message/verse, up to six lines of text.

Q.Do you print the card in other languages? [top]
The cards can be printed in any language that uses the 'standard English' keyboard.

Q.Can Partners images be printed on wrapping paper?[top]
Not at present, but keep watching for future products!

Q.Can Partners images be printed into gift tags? [top]
Not at present, but keep watching for future products!.

Q.Can Partners cards be printed in different sizes? [top]
At present we only print A5 (folded cards) and A3 poster cards. Shortly we will be looking to produce A6 postcards.

Q.Can Partners cards be printed on embossed card? [top]
Our cards are printed 'on demand' and therefore we cannot emboss. If however, you have a special bulk order that needs embossing, we would be pleased to supply a price.

Customer Services

Q.How can Partners or customers contact Print Fair? [top]
Contact details are on our host site or send an email to:

Q.Is there a Customer Services phone and email service for my customers? [top]
There will be a Hotline and email contact for customers on all Partner Web Shops. As an online service we would prefer that you recommend customers use email to contact us.

Q.What happens if a customers order is not delivered? [top]
If a customer contacts our Customer Services team and supplies details of an order, we will track and re-send if there is a non-delivery. Refunds will only be given at the discretion of Print Fair.

Q.Will Partners be ring-fenced from any complaints about the product? [top]
The only contact details on our Web Shops are Print Fair's. Partners will therefore not be contacted about any print issues.

Partners Marketing

Q.Will you advise me how to market my site?[top]
Absolutely! It's to the benefit of everyone the more cards that are sold. There will be a section on our site where we will be giving marketing tips. There will also be a forum where information can be shared.
If you'd like more help, Customer Services would be pleased to assist.

Q.Will I be able to produce a list of buyers and their email addresses for direct marketing? [top]
Provided your list comes from legal sources and abides by our terms and conditions, you are free to market to who ever you wish.

Q.Do you have a voucher scheme? [top]
We have a voucher facility if you would like to offer your customers free cards, these vouchers can be bought from us through Customer Services.

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